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3-Sentence Summary

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1. The Tale of
Emily Windsnap

Liz Kessler
Emily is an ordinary girl until she find
out that she is a mermaid.In the middle
of the story she finds out where her dad
is and goes on an crazy adventure to
find him. In the end she finds himand her
family moves to a seceret island
for just mermaids and mermen.

2. The Tale of Despereaux
Kate Dicamillo
Despereanx is a very tiny mouse living in a
castle.He falls in love with a princess. Her
name is Princess Pea. The princess gets
captured by a rat and Despereanx goes
through many obstacles to try and find her.
In the end they live happily ever after.

3. A Nest for Celeste
Henry Cole
A Nest for Celeste is about a mouse who lives
under the floor board.There are two rats who
make Celeste get them food.Eventually both of
them die. Celeste meets lots of new friends along
the way,like two birds and even a human.

4. Number the Stars
Lois Lowry
Number the stars is about a girl named Annemarie.
Her and her family take care of Ellen when her family
has to go away because the Nazis look in people's
houses for any jewish people. They have to go to Uncle
Henrik's house. In the end Ellen returns to her family .

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Roderick Rules
Jeff Kinney
Greg has two brothers, Rodrick, and Manny.At Greg's
school there is this thing called "The Cheese Touch".That
is if you touch it you have to touch someone else.Greg has
a hard time getting what he wants for Chirstmas,but his
friend Rowley gets the video game that Greg wants.

6.Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney
When Greg goes to middle school for the first time he can't
wait to forget about the past three.Unfortunatley Greg's brother
Rodrick teases Greg a lot and when Greg tries to tell his mom
Greg gets in trouble instead of Rodrick.Greg defintley does not
want to talk about his summer vacation.

7.Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Last Straw
Jeff Kinney
Greg's dad wants Greg to get stronger so, he makes Greg join
manly sports.One of the sports Greg joins is soccer.He really
doesn't want to join so, he finds a way to get out of it, but you
have to read it to find out.One other activity Greg joins is Boy
Scouts.But when they take a camping trip, Greg gets sick right
before they go and it turns out to be a disaster.

8. Koalas
Lynn Stone
Koalas are very cute animals.They are marsupials.Their nearest
relative is the wombat.When a koala baby is born it only weighs
less than one-half of an ounce.A koala's baby doesn't reach its
full size until it is four or five. Koalas are herbivores and they only
eat eucyliptus leaves.

9. Polar Bears
Caroline Greenland
Polar bears are really big. There average weight that they eat of
meat a day is 9 pounds.Thats a lot of meat! When a polar bear cub
is born they are deaf and blind .Polar bears can doggie-paddle for 60
miles in stretches if nessasry.
Dave Johnson
Movin' is a book about poems for teens. My favorite poem is A Boy on a
Tricycle."A boy on a Red Triycle Hair ablaze In the sun Blue Green Yellow
shirt Rumbling toward Marble stairs The wheels ringing Like circus music
Eyes focused Shoulders hunched forward Concentrating On the path
Before him Suddenly His arms Turn the handlebars The other way.

Alice Hoffman
Aquamarie is a book about two girls named Hailey and Claire.Claire is
moving to Flordia, and their favorite place on the beach (the Capri) is
getting shut down.Then the guy who works there goes off to college.
(Raymond) Hailey and Claire find a mermaid in the pool that is getting
drained in a couple days. Turns out she is in love with Raymond.Hailey
and Claire get Raymond and Aquamarie to go on a date.They really like
each other but Aquamarie has to go back in the ocean so she doesn't die.
The girls get her back in the ocean and they all live happily ever after.

12.Stepping on the Cracks
Mary Downing Hanh
  • Stepping on the Cracks is about two girls named Margaret and Elizabeth. Also there is a bully named Gordy.Gordy has a brother named Stuart, but then Margaret and Elizabeth find out he is a deserter.They find him in a hut in the woods.He is very sick and they decide to help, but it is turning in to winter and Stuart is getting worse.Margaret, Elizabeth, and Gordy get there neighbor,Barbara.She drives them all to the doctor's office.Turns out he has pneumonia.At the end Stuart asks Barbara to marry him and she says yes.
13.Igraine the Brave
Cornellia Funke
Igraine the Brave is about a girl named Igraine who wants to be a knight. Her brother is a magician. There is a person named Osmound and he is evil.He turns Igraine's parents into pigs,so Igraine has to travel to get Garleff the Giant's hair.(It is magic.)On her way back she finds the Sorrowful Knight.He lost his honor, and he battles Osmound's servant.The Sorrowful Knight wins and gets all his honor back.
14. Anne Frank
The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank
This book is about when the Nazis and Hitler were at war.Anne Frank and her family have to move into the "Secret Annex". Then Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan come with them also their son Peter.Anne Frank has a diary and she writes down every thing that happens that day.She decides to name it Kitty.In October 1944 Anne Frank Anne died when she was 14 or 15.
15.I am not Joey Pigza
Jack Gantos
I am not Joey Pigza is about a boy named Joey.He is really hyper and he has an idea to get a sled and slide down his roof.Turns out he gives himself a concussion.He has to go to the hospital and in the middle of all this Joey's dad comes back and his mom and dad get remarried.They get a new house and they buy a diner. At the end his mom has another baby.
16.The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Barbara Robinson
This book is about when the annual Christmas pagent is coming up.The Herdmans are horrible kids.Claude (one of the Herdmans) took his cat to his school's show-and-tell.The cat goes wild and destroys the whole room.The rehearsal is going on and some how the Herdmans find out and come .At the end the Herdmans get the lead part in the Christmas pagent and you have to read the book to see if the Herdmans ruin the pagent or they make it the best.
17.The Mysterious Guest House
Ken Munro
This book is about Sammy and Brian getting invited to Bird-in-Hand to stay for 2 nights and 3 days.There are really mysterious guests that come to stay, and they are all from Philadelphia,and from the same company.Their boss just recently died of a major heart attack and he had a ruby brooch that had just been stolen.Sammy and Brain try to figure out the mystery.You have to read the book to see which guest stole the ruby brooch.
Alice Hoffman
Indigo is about a girl named Martha,and two boys named Eel and Trout.They live in a town called Oak Grove and every one there is afraid of water because a couple years ago they had a really bad flood and it washed out everything.So Martha, Eel, and Trout run away from their house because they want to go to Ocean City and see a real ocean.When they are just about to get out of Oak Grove a really bad storm comes.With 6 feet of rain.Along the way Martha gets a broken arm and Trout and Eel almost drown.You will have to read the book to find out if they make it through the storm.
19.Ida B
Katherine Hannigan
Ida B is about a girl named Ida B and she thinks she can talk to trees and the brook.She even has names for the trees.She goes to school and she really hates it.She complains every day to mom and dad,so they decide to homeschool her.Ida B loves, and never wants to go back to public school.Then her mom gets very sick with cancer, and she almost dies.On top of that new neighbors move in a couple miles down and since her mom is sick her dad has to sell some of his land to them because hey have to pay for her mom's medical bills.In the middle of the story Ida B has to go back to school.She hates it and decides to be really mean.You have to read the book to find out if she turns nice again.
20.How to Steal a Dog
Barbara O'Connor
How to steal a dog is about a girl named Georgina, her mom, and her brother have to live in their car because their dad left them. They have hardly any money, and their mom has to work lots of hours to pay for food. Georgina and Toby (her brother) come up with the idea to steal a dog. Once they find a dog they hid him in an old house. They find a crazy guy named Mookie, and they think he is crazy, but he actually turns out to be really helpful. You have to read the book to find out if they get a real house , and the reward for Willy.
21.Where the Red Fern Grows
Wilson Rawls
Where the Red Fren Grows is about a boy named Billy, and he sees a dog in a dog fight. He really wants to help, so he stops the fight, and takes the dog home to take care of. Then he decides to let him go free. After that he really wants two hounds of his own. He saves fifty dollars to buy them. He gets his hounds, and trains them to hunt. Eventually, they catch lots of coons, so Billy's grandpa sign him p for a championship coon hunt. You have to read the book to see if he wins the championships.
22.Gifted Hands
Gregg Lewis and Deborah Shaw Lewis
Gifted Hands is about a boy named Ben Carson. He lives with his mom, dad, and brother and his mom finds out that he has another wife and family. Ben's dad leaves them.Ben and his brother, Curtis are really depressed and don't really know what is going on. His mom has lots of jobs a once, but still can't afford to stay in their house, so they have to move in with their Aunt and Uncle.Ben really is getting really bad grades, mostly D's and F's.His mom makes him and his brother read lots of books and that really helps him get better grades. Then his mom saves enough money to go back to their old house. All the kids a his school bully hims because they think he is not smart and has weird clothes. Ben gets really mad and can't control his anger. He almost kills his friend. He prays to God and it helps. He gets better grades and later in the book he becomes a really good neurosurgeon.
Brain Selznick
Wonderstruck is about a boy named Ben and his mom recently died and he has no clue where his dad is. Ben lives with his aunt and uncle. His aunt and uncles house is right near where Bens mom's house was, so Ben walks there a lot. One night when he was walking to his mom's house there was a bad storm, but he decide to keep going and just stay at the house. He was rumaging through all his mom's stuff and finds a notebook called "Wonderstruck". He sees a mans name in it and he thinks that it is his dad's name. He also sees New York, New York. A bolt of lightning strucks the house and Ben gets really hurt. When he is in the hospital he can't hear anything. Turns out he is deaf in both ears. He decides to escape to New York, New York. You will have to read the book to see if Ben finds his dad.
Crystal Gammon
Giraffes are awesome animals. A fact about giraffes are that they are the tallest animals in the world! Giraffes can live to be 25 years old. Giraffes have an intresting patteern on them. It kind of looks like a cheeta pattern. Some experts say that their pattern is for camouflage.
25.The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bed Begining
Lemony Snicket
Violet, Clause, and Sunny were living a very pleasant life until their house was set on fire and their mom and dad died. They were forced to go live with their distant relative Count Olaf. Count Olaf is horrible to the Baudelaire childern. He makes them do a whole list of chores everyday. Count Olaf wants the Baudelaire childern's fortune.(because they were rich) He wants to kill them to get all the money, but he fails a lot. When Mr.Poe realizes that he is trying to kill them he sends them off to lots of other relative's houses. You will have to read the book to see if Count Olaf gets the Baudelaire's fortune.